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FiDGET LiGHTS© iOS App for iPhone and iPad is a game app for relaxing or fidgeting by displaying a touch-reactive grid of animated lights. 

It’s a great tool for those with anxiety or looking for something to distract their hands while talking on the phone or doing another task. The smoothly changing color gradients and tactile haptic feedback make it akin to something like ASMR. Download it today for the Apple Store and experience this unique app for yourself.

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Download FiDGET LiGHTS for iOS in the App Store

Designed for
iPhone & iPad

This app takes full advantage of the touch-screen and haptic feedback of the iPhone.

iOS 13 & up

FiDGET LiGHTS works great for even toddlers when used with iOS feature Guided Access.

Coming Soon: Game Modes

Version 3.0 is about to be released for iOS 13+ which will include many exciting new ways to fidget.

A special version just for kids under 5 is also in the works.