FiDGET LiGHTS© for iPhone & iPad

Tap, Drag, & Fidget with a relaxing–yet exciting–mobile App from Captive Fate Software.

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FiDGET LiGHTS© iOS App for iPhone and iPad features a touch-reactive grid of animated lights. The app comes complete with tons of custom options to tickle your lizard brain.




“Fidget Lights provides a fun way to unwind….[For] those with anxiety or in need of a way to burn some time.” 📱 Rating Link 🔗

…I sat hypnotized in front of my iPhone for two hours after continuous tapping on it. This is an app that needs to be downloaded and seen for yourself.” 📱 Rating Link 🔗

FiDGET LiGHTS for iPhone and iPad is
A relaxing break for the anxious, an exciting experience for toddlers, an inspiration tool for designers, and so much more! Download it today!


There are so many features you can tweak in FiDGET LiGHTS. The core of each board is a set of symbols in a grid sitting atop a gradient background. As you tap and drag along the screen the cells of this grid light up in various color patterns, also dependent on settings you can change.

You can choose from a growing set of icons (from one icon to the whole group) as well as background shapes. These combinations, along with options like spacing, sizing, and layout type. make each board feel like your own artist creation.


Combing the nearly infinite array of board options with the customization of touch input options means there are so many patterns to explore you’ll never get bored,

The App comes preloaded with several boards designed by myself and other artist friends. But this is just the beginning,

Delete the boards that are there and/or add as many custom boards as you would like. FiDGET LiGHTS is best when you explore craft an experience that’s just right.


You can also control multiple aspects of how the colors change during your fidgeting. Control the color output range, and how the colors gradient. This paired with a custom background gradient is the perfect formula for making your favorite colors come to life.

Feeling wild?! Choose the random option and surprise yourself! Who knows, you may find your favorite board this way.


Make your FiDGET LiGHTS experience unique by controlling the way it reacts to your touch. You can adjust direction, spread, trail length, effect type, and more.

Two modes, Free Play and Rub Away give you two over-all ways to fidget. Some find satisfaction out of completion and Rub Away mode was designed specifically with them in mind,

Thank you for learning more about FiDGET LiGHTS for iPhone and iPad, I hope you will download it today! If you do see an error I would ask that you send me a contact form and allow me correct it before posting a bad review. As an up-incoming solo developer, these reviews are incredibly important to my success and I thank you for your understanding and patience!

I am also always looking for beta testers for FiDGET LiGHTS and other upcoming iOS projects. Beta testers really help a small development team like myself so please consider joining by e-mailing me below.

If for whatever reason the movements of the lights on the app make you feel physical discomfort discontinue use of the app.

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for iPhone and iPad.

Zone out.
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